++++ AutoSock legally accepted snow chain alternative for the EU and Switzerland: ALL INFOS HERE ++++

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The Principal Function of AutoSock from a more Scientific Point of View

AutoSock explains the proncipal function of its products
When driving on non-dry surfaces, the pressure created to the wheel load will lead to a thin film of water between the tire and the surface. The la...

Colorado Chain Law in effect as September begins

Colorado Chain Law in effect as September begins
Colorado is getting ready for winter. Already from September 1st, the Colorado chain law has been in effect. AutoSock is the approved alternate tra...

AutoSock official Polestar Accessory

AutoSock listed product accessory in the official web store of Polestar
AutoSock is an official accessory of Polestar. When ordering a new car from Polestar, AutoSock can now be added as a traction device. Already last ...

With immediate effect: AutoSock for passenger cars legally accepted snow chain alternative throughout the EU and Switzerland

Map about implementation of EN16662-1 shows where AutoSock is a legally accepted snow chain alternative
As of today, AutoSock for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles are legally accepted throughout the European Union and Switzerland when snow...

AutoSock complies with Swiss snow chain regulations

Side view of AutoSock mounted on a passenger car
Oslo, 13th October 2020 – As from today, AutoSock is in compliance with Swiss snow chain regulations. The Swiss Dynamic Test Center AG (DTC) issued...

Textile alternative to snow chains: AutoSock first product worldwide certified according to new European Standard

Side view of AutoSock mounted on Mercedes GLE
Oslo, 24th September 2020 - AutoSock will be a regulatory approved alternative to snow chains in all countries of the European Union with effect fr...

AutoSock approved according to new European traction standard

AutoSock for passenger cars will be a legal alternative to snow chains in all EU member states by latest December 1st, 2020. The European Committee...

AutoSock only TTD that has been approved by CDOT - Colorado chain law goes into effect

Winterly picture of a car
"Colorado approves the use of Alternate Traction Devices (ATDs).  Wheel sanders, pneumatically driven chains and textile traction devices (TTD) are...

Automechanika 2020 postponed - AutoSock is looking forward to 2021

Official Automechanika Advertisement 2020
Postponed is not abandoned. We are looking forward to next year's Automechanika Frankfurt, 14.-18.9.2021.

AutoSock is featured by GOI70.com

AutoSock featured on the website goi70.com
AutoSock is featured as traction aid by GoI70.com. The website gives all information related to traveling the I-70 mountain corridor in Colorado. F...

Zurich shows AutoSock as traction aid for Japan

AutoSock featured of Zurich Insurance for usage in Japan
As one of the major car insurance companies in Japan, Zurich Insurance Company Ltd is showing AutoSock as a traction device regarding the new chain...

Put a sock on it! AutoSock featured in Vail Daily

Side view of AutoSock mounted on black car
The Vail Daily as leading news source in Eagle County, Colorado, reports about AutoSock. "Vehicles without winter-capable tires must carry alternat...